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A better way to know your customers and grow your business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Dynamics CRM Online is a powerful tool for sales and service teams to streamline and automate processes, gain insight into how business is flowing, and scale. With seamless integration into Microsoft Office 365 and cost-effective online delivery, Dynamics CRM ties right into your small business!

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Drive sales productivity and deliver amazing customer experiences

Do you know your customers as well as your competitors do? Information can make the difference when it comes to winning customers and keeping them.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can better service your current customers- and win new ones – with a complete view of your customer’s history and what issues they might be facing today. Communicate in new ways, build deeper insights into your customers’ needs and expectations using data you capture with CRM. You can provide your teams with the tools they need to gain insights about your current and prospective customers by providing a detailed view of their activities and profile all in one place – no more flipping through different applications or looking for the handwritten notes. It helps you serve customers better and increase your sales by prioritizing the right leads and driving sales and service best practices.

DynamicsCRM screenshot Your people want to be able to cut through the clutter—to zero in and easily identify what information is needed both to better serve your current customers as well as find new ones. That means you need a system that allows you to get up to speed in no time and quickly develop insights to engage in a relevant way.

With Dynamics CRM you can:

  • Give sales managers the visual sales data needed to identify opportunities.
  • See how frequently current customers are purchasing products and calling for help.
  • Keep communications to customers focused on what they want and need.

Why Dynamics CRM?

  • Microsoft solutions provide familiar user experiences people love to help drive tangible business outcomes.
  • Rich analytics featuring real-time dashboards.
  • Unmatched value and TCO advantage.
  • Enhanced privacy protections.
DynamicsCRMGet your work done anywhere.

New opportunities can come from anywhere. Be prepared to capture what’s next with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. With the ability to work from virtually any location, you’re just a few simple clicks away from accessing your data, holding meetings, and collaborating anytime, on any device. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online provides a complete customer relations solution for moving your business forward.

Access and organize customer data so that you can stay on top of events in your customer’s business or industry.

  • Automatically populate company and contact information for target customers in CRM.
  • Track buying history, service calls, sales efforts, social interactions –history of all communications across multiple channels in one place.
  • Manage sales performance and service events via personalized dashboards that are easy to share and drill into for deeper insights.
  • Provide a better view into sales pipeline.

Existing customers demand their problems be resolved quickly.

  • Match the people and resources needed to get customer issues resolved quickly. And track this activity in CRM.
  • Let your entire team know what is going on with your customers so everyone is on the same page.
  • Use social listening to hear what the world is saying about you.

How do you ensure that sales and service personnel are productive from wherever they are?

  • Combining Office 365 with CRM allows you to stay better connected to your customers.
  • Access key CRM functions with a consistent user interface across devices(PC, phone, tablet, laptop) and platforms (Windows, iOS, Android.
  • Work together easily by bringing together the right people wherever they are.

The Coffee Shop video below demonstrates Service Productivity – a proactive alert is sent to the shop owner that her machine needs repair, an automatic service call triggered to her from a service agent, who schedules an on site visit, which turns into an upsell opportunity.

The Ice Cream Shop video below exemplifies Intelligent Customer Engagement: You see a seller identify a new sales opportunity (selling a smart freezer to an expanding shop) all the way through to servicing a repair proactively post purchase.

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