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Insights for marketing

Building relationships is tough! Sales and marketing requires creativity in making “heart” connections. You need to understand how your current and future customers think about you and your products, and you need to understand how best to reach them and what matters.


We can help you understand which creative “stuff” is doing the best job of increasing sales to new and existing customers.

  • Which messages resonate most?
  • What kinds of customers are my best customers and how do I find more?
  • What makes my best sales staff, “best” and how do I help everyone succeed?
  • How do my customers want me to engage with them? How often?

It starts with Marketing

  • Target the Heart – You can create and A/B test email communications with your customers, measuring open, click-through and conversion rates to learn which messages resonate.
  • Not All Customers Are the Same – You can communicate with your prospects and new and existing customers differently based on what matters to them. Segment by type, recent activity, health, level, geography, time-frame or other targeting criteria.
  • Campaign Management – Easily import tradeshow and event attendee lists and create marketing campaigns that will help you send the best leads to your sales team.
  • Lead Source Tracking – Imported lists and campaigns can be assigned a lead source so you can track new customers and their product and service orders and understand return on investment.
  • Awareness, Preference and Loyalty – Extend brand consistent email templates and sales and product literature to your customers and to everyone inside your company with customer touchpoints. Make it easy for your dealers and distributors to win more customers by giving them ready-access to your product and sales literature.
  • Customer Journey – Create automated pre and post-sale follow-up tasks, calls, meetings and emails at every point where you are connecting with your customers. You can ensure consistency and measure satisfaction along the way
Insights for sales
Insights for sales

Sales insight to win more business

  • Process Excellence – Manage your sales with repeatable processes that give you the ability to understand which activities give you the best results. You can easily extend sales best practices to the sales team to shorten sales cycles and increase win rates.
  • Customer Focus – Segment your customers by type, health, and level and know who your best customers are and why.
  • Product and Sales Trends – Easily understand overall and individual product sales and sales trends by region, territory, individual sales personnel and sales channel partners.
  • Account Planning – Access to detailed order and sales history can help you create better account plans. The detail gives you better common ground to negotiate product-level sales goals that are realistic while driving higher revenue overall.
  • Goal Monitoring – Know the progress-to-goal statuses of your inside sales and dealer/distributor sales channel partners at-a-glance with business intelligence dashboard reports.


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