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Insights for Production

Managing production logistics is a critical role. You need to accurately predict what your customers need and make sure that your production lines are aligned to those needs. Forecasting demand based on last year’s orders is certainly part of the picture, but what if you had a clearer picture of what customers are ordering next quarter or month?


We make it easy to tie your order history information from your ERP or financial system to future sales to give you that clearer picture.

  • Do you have order history by business line, product family and even individual product?
  • Can you view future sales based on customers that are in the sales process?

The Right Product at the Right Time

  • Demand Forecasting – Order history by business line, product family and individual product combined with accurate, product aligned sales forecasting improves demand forecasting and helps you move from asset-centric to customer-centric production planning. You also benefit from reducing raw materials carrying costs and the costs associated with inventory overstock and backorders.
  • Smoothing Demand Spikes – Strategic account planning with inside sales, dealer/distributor sales channel partners and key strategic customer accounts adds accuracy to forecasting and drives predictable increases in sales and production volumes.
  • Communicating Production Impacts – Proactive communication of raw materials shortages and potential production delays helps set customer and dealer/distributor expectations and future sales insights help you shift production resources to build against future orders with little risk of overstocks
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