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Insights for Dealer or Distributor Management

There may be cases where you don’t sell to every customer directly, but rely on dealers or distributor channel partners for end-customer sales. Managing partner channel relationships can be challenging. You need to ensure they are engaged, are representing your products accurately, understand your product value propositions and are proactively recommending your product. Setting challenging, but believable sales goals supported with action plans that promote collaboration can help you be the dealer or distributor’s partner of choice.


  • How can I inspire underperforming dealers to step up their sales volume?
  • How do I unpack the key attributes of a successful dealer so I can look for new dealer prospects that have the potential for higher profitability?
  • While I love the huge order my dealer just sent in, how can I reduce these kinds of surprises and anticipate large order volumes to smooth demand and relieve production stress?

Account Planning for Better Sales Performance

  • Account Planning – Collaboratively establish credible, actionable account plans for your dealer/distributor channel sales partners and for your key strategic accounts. Accurate forecasting can improve sales growth and profitability while meeting product and service delivery demands.
  • Data Driven Sales Goals – Understanding geography, seasonality, population density, product trends and other factors provides you with the insight to move beyond, “last year’s sales plus…” Talking through the data and asking for your dealer or distributor’s experienced-based feedback helps you both confidently set product sales goals that more accurate and higher than industry and competitor averages.
  • Goal Monitoring – Once you have set goals, you can measure and monitor performance-to-goal with regular business reviews and feedback to stay on track.
  • Strategic Channel Support – You can support your channel partners with best-practice activity plans that provide them with valuable selling and service tools. Arming your dealers or distributors with product catalog and sales literature gives them a competitive advantage and helps them extend both their brand and you brand and product preference to the end customer.
Insights for Account Planning


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