Fuel accelerating growth in your business.

SalesAcceleratorIs there a gap between the potential of your business and how your technology investments support your sales processes? Are you uncertain of the best software or technology solutions to reduce this gap? We are here to help.

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Our Unique Approach

DataSync’s SalesAccelerator is designed to take the guesswork out of applying software and technology to solve sales process problems. Our key areas of expertise are marketing automation, sales enablement, and growth monitoring and trend analysis.


Software Strategy Blueprint

Our assessments are conducted by our senior officers and analysts. As part of this process we:

  • Review with you your high level strategic business objectives and marketplace dynamics.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews with your senior personnel to analyze your current business processes.
  • Review current technology and its uses in your organization.
  • Provide recommendations for process and software improvements.

At the conclusion of our engagement, we deliver a technology blueprint that outlines initiatives you can take to increase revenues and reduce costs, prioritize those initiatives based on integration, ROI and other factors unique to your business, and suggest a sequenced development and implementation approach tailored to your organization.

We partner with leading software companies to provide solutions which meet the needs of our customers key business processes. Don’t see the software you are looking for? Contact us to discuss additional software solutions we offer.

SalesAccelerator delivers results by combining business analysis, software selection and setup, and team on-ramping.

  • Increased revenue growth velocity due to combining sales & marketing efforts into an integrated and unified solution.
  • Better insight into effectiveness of sales & marketing effort using real-time information.
  • Proven Return On Investment (ROI) using automation, reporting, and sales/marketing management tools.