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Software… with a Business Focus.

From the moment you call us you will notice that we are not the typical software company. We do not try to sell you a specific piece of software and force your business into a fixed set of software features. Instead we begin with understanding your business needs and apply our Customer Lifecycle approach to help us together identify your business problems and opportunities.

DataSync’s Customer Lifecycle analysis provides a customer-centric focus on business processes and their interrelationships within and without an organization. It not only surfaces process problems, but also provides interesting perspectives on how to integrate and automate these processes in a way that improves the customer experience and increases customer satisfaction and lifetime revenue to the business.
Craig Anderson, DataSync’s Chairman and Senior Vice President-General Counsel


Our Customer Lifecycle focus refers to how we analyze the key revenue and profitability factors driving your business. We consider how you generate leads, how you manage those leads through your sales process, how you approach the customer sales, quoting and contracting process, and how you interconnect that process with your service delivery or order processing systems including your supply chain management, fulfillment and even inventory and accounting systems. We identify solutions you can use to improve profitability by increasing revenues, improving operating efficiencies, or both. Then we outline for you how our software engineering process can formulate and deliver those solutions.


Our solutions vary widely between clients, as you would expect from a custom tailored approach. Sometimes it is a simple matter of making a few changes to your existing software. Sometimes we can suggest existing software packages that might fit your needs and help you install and integrate these packages with your other business systems. Other times your problems require a fully customized software package. Often we approach your solution by suggesting that we address the problems in a series of smaller projects that over time end up significantly improving your profitability without major business disruptions.


We use a team approach to solving your problems. Our sales representatives and technical solution engineers often work with our business analysts and your representatives to perform the Customer Lifecycle analysis. If we identify useful solutions for you, we add our project managers and technical specialists to coordinate and complete your projects.

At that point  your DataSync Project Manager serves as your single point of contact and is the key person directing your project. We also provide you with on-demand access to our web-based project management software so you can communicate and collaboration with us and track your project from beginning to end.

Customer Lifecycle
Microsoft Partner - Silver Cloud Productivity
Microsoft Partner - Silver Cloud Productivity


We use a systematic approach to your project that integrates your business needs into an iterative process of solution requirements development, software design and coding, quality assurance, and deployment and maintenance.

Your business is unique. Your problems are unique. Your solution should be unique. That is the DataSync difference.Diagram-transparent-web

Business Needs: We take time to fully understand what drives your business so we can suggest software solutions that improve your profitability.

Business Requirements: We next translate your solutions into documented software requirements to ensure your business processes are completely addressed in the overall software design.

Technical Requirements: Using the right technical approach is key to delivering a great product. We look at available ways to build your solution and lay out a plan for coding.

Software Design & Coding : This is where your software solutions take shape, and the planning we have already completed at the beginning of the project pays off.

Code Review: Before code is published for testing, it is checked for quality and consistency.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance(QA): We use automated and human testing to ensure your software solutions meet your unique requirements. During this step you also get the opportunity to review the software and provide feedback to us.

Deployment: Once your software has been tested, we work closely with you to train your employees and transition them to your new solution in a manner which is the least disruptive to your business.

Support & Maintenance: We are committed to ensuring your software continues to work through upgrades and ongoing process changes.