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Farming Your Base: 3 Key Steps to Harvesting Revenue from Current Customers using CRM.

There are two ways to grow revenue: attract new customers or sell more to your existing customer base. We are focused here on selling more to your existing customer base, or Farming Your Base. Why? Because Farming Your Base of existing customers is a less expensive way to accelerate revenue and grow your business. Building a systematic plan to do it is key to cultivating customer relationships and successfully turning a customer from good to great.

This plan includes 3 key steps:

  • Building a cross-sell/up-sell strategy.
  • Building a cohesive marketing/sales messaging plan.
  • Implementing the plan using software to automate key processes.

Solution Toolbox: 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM       DataSync Power BI    acton_scroll

During the webinar we will discuss how to build a plan and then use the tools from the Solution Toolbox to demonstrate how to implement it. 

Presenters from DataSync:


 Mike Vetter

President and Chief Technology Officer




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