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Dawn Dittman

Dawn Dittman
Marketing and Software Training Manager,  DataSync

Why You Should Attend a Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience

March 7th, 2016 | By Dawn Dittman

CIE ThumbnailFinding the right software solution for your company can be a challenge. Typically you start with a business problem and look for a software solution for that problem. This begins the process of navigating through countless web pages, whitepapers, blogs and even videos and webinars. Often times the next step is a brief demo of the product, discussions on the features and benefits of the product and you are on your way to purchasing the software licenses and implementing a canned package. Somewhere during this process the original business problem you were looking to solve gets lost.  The CIE offers a different approach.

We keep your business problems and concerns the top priority from start to finish.

The first step in a CIE is to identify your business problems. The facilitator asks you about critical business challenges you face every day and tailors the conversation to identify solutions. They can include issues with productivity, integration, automation, communication and many others. Once these problems have been identified we continually refer back to those problems and make sure that they are the focus throughout the session. As the facilitator of a CIE, one of the most rewarding parts is the “Ah ha” moment. This moment is a breakthrough moment where you were able to discover how the technology can offer solutions to your business challenges.

You get the opportunity to try before you buy.

During this hands-on, facilitated session you are able to experience the features and benefits of the software before having to commit to purchasing licenses. If you are already a Microsoft customer, but looking for ways to enhance your use of current sales and business intelligence tools you will also benefit from attending a CIE. Each of the computers are configured so that you will have access to Microsoft’s latest technologies, including Sharepoint, Dynamics CRM and Power BI. DataSync commits to having key personnel in each session to answer any questions that you have.

“The Customer Immersion Experience is a great way to test many of the different Microsoft solutions.”
– Dan Messerschmidt, National Sales Manager
JDS Industries –

We provide the hardware and the software. No interruptions allowed!

Trying to research a product can be a challenge on its own, but trying to research a product in a busy office with your phone ringing, your inbox full of tasks to accomplish and regular visitors to your office and it now just became impossible. The CIE is two hours of time you can dedicate to your research. During the CIE you will be working on a Microsoft device, in a fully integrated environment with fictional user data. The fictional data brings to life the real-time collaboration and data analysis possibilities when working in the cloud. Additionally you will get an opportunity to connect with other customers attending the event. This creates opportunities for you to learn how they are benefiting from using specific Microsoft solutions.

Plan on joining us for our next CIE session. Sessions are running this week and we still have seats available. We encourage you to take this opportunity  to explore Microsoft, ask questions and learn in a collaborative and experiential way.

“The CIE training provided by DataSync was very informative and very well organized. This was probably one of the best training workshops I have ever been a part of.”
– Dane Stone, Technology Manager
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For additional information on what to expect in a CIE, watch this short video clip from Microsoft.