About Mike Vetter

Mike is a tech entrepreneur who is passionate about using software to help businesses grow. Mike currently serves as President & CTO at DataSync Corporation, an award winning software advisory firm based in Sioux Falls, SD. At DataSync Mike leads the effort to choose the best software to provide to customers, and shapes the marketing/sales strategy of the company. Mike brings over ten years of experience building tech firms, and has led multiple successful acquisitions including Vetter Solutions and Rive Immersive. Mike grew up in Madison, SD and holds a B.S. from Dakota State University in E-Commerce and Computer Security.

Farming Your Base

The CRM Blog Insights on our products, solutions and services. Author Mike Vetter November 24th, 2015 Solution Toolbox Farming Your Base: 3 Key Steps to Harvesting Revenue from Current Customers using CRM What is Farming Your Base? There are two ways to grow [...]

3 Pronged Approach to Customer Journey Mapping

On-Demand Webinar 3 Pronged Approach to Customer Journey Mapping Marketing Automation + CRM + Multichannel Communication Join us as we explore the challenges businesses face in gaining a holistic view of their customers and ways they can more effectively analyze the customer journey to enhance the overall buyer and customer experience. Specifically: The current [...]