Our Team

We believe that our people matter.

DataSync Corporation is a global award winning software consulting and engineering firm. Founded in 2005, the company pioneered the use of Customer Lifecycle Solution analysis in the design and implementation of integrated business software systems.

The Customer Lifecycle approach allows us to systematically review and evaluate your customer processes from lead generation to sales management to order processing, customer contracting and fulfillment activities. We frequently identify ways you can improve your software systems to increase profitability through revenue increases, operating efficiencies, or both. This leads to a tailored solution for your business which can be developed and implemented by our experts in user interface design, business process analysis, project management, database design and administration, server design, and technical development, testing and software deployment.

DataSync is about more than making profit. It is about creating an environment where we are all challenged, supported and enjoy the people we work with each day.
Craig Anderson, DataSync’s Chairman and Senior Vice President-General Counsel

DataSync is based in Sioux Falls, SD with most of our 25+ full time employees working out of this location. Our facility includes a 40-seat training center, connected conference rooms, and close proximity to South Dakota’s largest downtown area.

 We are an experienced, creative, hard-working group of people determined to make a difference each day.


Craig Anderson

Chairman & CEO – DataSync

Paul Shock

Partner – Bird Dog Equity Partners

John Blackburn

CEO – Net Return Capital

John Sutton

Principle – Silverstone Group

Mike Vetter

President & CTO – DataSync


At DataSync, we believe in the value of giving back and supporting the communities we are a part of. Thank you to all of our employees who selflessly dedicate their time to positively impact and enrich their communities.

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