About DataSync



DataSync designs unique software solutions that maximize sales and marketing opportunities.


DataSync Solutions LogoDataSync’s story began when Mike Vetter, a student at Dakota State University at the time, saw an opportunity to use his passion for technology to help companies gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

“I am driven by my faith in the Lord and have a passion for making a difference in the world. I choose to make a difference through my knowledge of technology and the sales industry,” Mike Vetter, DataSync’s current President and CTO.

DataSync was launched as Vetter Solutions in May 2004 in Madison, South Dakota.  Vetter Solutions originally provided information technology (IT) consulting services to local businesses including home PC services, business networking and administration, and some web development.

Over time, it became clear that there was a business opportunity in hosting and integrating business application software. In 2008 the company began the transition out of IT services to its new emerging business model: open source software hosting and integration, including delivering its solutions as a service, a model widely known as Software as a Service (SaaS). The company began the development of beta versions of its DataSync Suite software service and also began the transition to the name “DataSync” because of its focus on integrated (synchronized) business data services.

Today DataSync designs and implements CRM, marketing automation and business intelligence software solutions for companies around the world. It provides professional advisory and software design and development services to companies interested in implementing, enhancing and integrating their sales and marketing systems. The focus is on customized solutions for sales and marketing processes, sales channel and partner management, order management, order provisioning and fulfillment, marketing campaign management (including social media and virtual marketing management), retail consumer and business-to-business customer management, supply chain management and the related business analytic and reporting systems supporting all of these processes. DataSync has clients in technology, consulting, finance, marketing, manufacturing, and many other industries.

Our story also includes each of our client’s stories. We spend time focusing not only on the business and technical requirements of our clients, but on their story and how they are positively impacting those that they serve. It is through their journey that we find inspiration.

“I truly believe that when you are waking up every day choosing to make a difference in the world through your business, then you will bring value that will outlast the growth of your bottom line profit. That’s why I wake up every day and work for DataSync.” Mike Vetter.